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Um. This is something i just wrote. It may or may not make sense to you, but it does to me because i’m sleepy and my mind felt like writing.
Life is but a dream,
Says the song, that talks about rowing your boat upstream.
Life may seem unreal at times,
Like when you listen to a song, or glance at appealing designs.
Rowing your boat on a sea of dreams,
Amongst an ocean of galaxies, milky ways, and stars in streams.
Or simply glancing up to the sky, in awe of such a beautiful sight,
With the aurora borealis, gleaming with delight.
Such amazing sights I’ve yet to see,
Yet I’m most likely to imagine this over a cup of tea.
How odd life may be,
if it was only a dream?
How would the experience of waking up feel?
Would we feel as if we were reborn?
Or would it feel like staring at the sun when you first wake up?
Or that feeling you get when you go back to class or your job after a long vacation?
Perhaps it would be like Harold and The Purple Crayon?
Such eccentric thoughts I have to display,
Yet i’ve come to believe that perhaps this “life is but a dream”,
Is nothing but a dream.
A dream about life being a dream, when in fact all you were doing was rowing up the stream.
To follow the path that was meant for you, to make your dreams a reality,
Therefore making this “life but a dream”.
But since life isn’t that simple, it’s a safe place for your mind to think that it is, so that you can find the motivation to conquer your dreams?
Who knows?


I’m on a new diet called don’t fucking look at me

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whens the next end of the world life is too boring without a doomsday to look forward to

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