19.attending my 2nd year of college. half peruvian half indo-trinidadian. infj.
observant yet obscure.

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Koi fish swimming in a circle


if u can’t afford pizza u can’t afford me

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Hypnotic Transcendence.

You know a young woman may wander,
as she sits down and ponder,
Why did he come back to me?
Does it add to his ego, or to his fallacy?
is it because he knows I’ll take him back?
or is it because he truly regrets what he had lacked?
What he lacked was the feeling of guilt, to recognize what was wrong from what was right,
to know that this is a battle he needs to fight.
around a facade one may see,
a hidden fee.
A debt to pay for your blinded views,
so that you may see who truly does love you.
There are obstacles trying to bring us apart,
it makes me wonder if we truly are meant to be together or to just be kept at heart?
I can sense the sweet smell of success heading my way,
whether you’re in the picture or not,
I will have hoped you have been taught.
to know guilt, and to know what’s right from what is wrong.
to know what’s worth having in your life versus what is not.
to prove with actions and not just with words, and to not fall for facades endlessly.
i hope you know,
and I hope that your mind may grow.
to help you realize who or what is worth fighting for,
and who or what is worth being ignored.

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Second & Sebring by Of Mice & Men 
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Most thought out tactic in film history.

Han Solo gets shit done.

Absolutely genius.


Han Solo gets an automatic reblog.

han yolo


you’re really proud of that one aren’t ya kiddo
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There are years that ask questions and years that answer.
by Zora Neale Hurston (via

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Gate (10/52) - By: (Kevin Corrado)
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