20.attending my 3rd year of college. half peruvian half indo-trinidadian. infj.
observant yet obscure.

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I can say that things are going well,
although I know that things will not always be sunshine and rainbows.
All that matters is how you react to certain situations, because it just shows.
Actions do speak louder than words,
and that is nothing shocking or absurd.
We may disagree at times,
but we end up resolving our issues as we set out our feelings that may be hidden inbetween the lines.
If communication was not the key,
i cannot fathom how hectic things could be.
We cannot read minds,
because we are unsure of assuming what we may find.
to agree to disagree,
or disagree to agree,
a life without meaning is a life without a purpose, because a life without a purpose has no meaning.
These words that I may speak of have no demeaning.
I love you so,
it goes to show.
I feel like I’m at home when I’m with you,
despite my anxiety and stress being an issue.
I want to thank you for putting up with me,
I want to thank you to the highest degree.

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